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We’ve got a team of web developers ready to work with you to make your business accessible through a fast and simple website. We use top technologies to develop quality websites and web applications. When we create a website, it is ready for working for you from day one.

What we don’t do

We don’t want just to sell you a website. Our goal is not selling another landing page. The number of sold web pages is not a measure of success for us. We are not interested in building thousands of websites per year. Even several hundred is too much for us!. We prefer quality over quantity.

How we work

Our goal is deliver a website that you will be completely satisfied with. Before we start building a web page for you, we need some information first. We want to hear about you and your company. Tell us what do you do, tell us about your business. We have to exactly understand who you are and what your company does. We have to be sure that we understand the core of your activity. Then we can try to build a website perfectly fitted to your business.

We need time to build a page for you. When we will start working for you, we will be fully focused on building best website for your company.

We are simplicity lovers. We don’t complicate matters. We simplify.

Our principles

Here are some principles we follow:

  • We don’t cheat potential clients that we always build custom theme for every website. If it’s needed we do, but usually we use Divi Theme Builder or Gutenberg.
  • When we say “we do a website” it means that we really do it, we don’t hire subcontractors.
  • When we say “we can add a custom function to a WordPress” it doesn’t mean that we always write a custom plugins for every feature needed. When it’s possible we use a plugin, when there’s no plugin or plugin is weak, then we write custom plugin from zero.
  • We don’t cheat that WordPress is maintenance-free. It isn’t and we always communicate about this fact.

Our technologies

We are fluent in top development technologies. Especially we move very well in PHP, CSS, WordPress, MySQL and HTML. We also love building web applications in Laravel and Symfony but the core of our business is WordPress and over 90% of our work base on WordPress. We understand our clients and some of them want to build a static page. Then we use clean HTML and a little JavaScript. We always select right technology to suit the client’s needs. We don’t copy-paste websites from one client to another.