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If you’re looking help to move your website to WordPress then you’ve found right people! We can handle migrations to WordPress from any CMS.

Why WordPress?

There are many reasons for using WordPress but the most important are:

of ALL websites
of CMS market
of TOP websites
Huge popularity

Huge popularity

The main reason why you should choose WordPress is popularity. WordPress is very, very popular. Over 40% of all websites on the internet use WordPress. WordPress has a 60% market share in the CMS market. If the WordPress wasn’t good, it would not be popular. We don’t believe that 40% of all websites could use bad, slow and insecure CMS.


With WordPress you can make a company website, personal blog or simple e-shop. Do you want to sell tickets for events? No problem! WordPress with plugins can do it. Do you think about your own advertising service? Yes, you can easy run it with WordPress. Or maybe you want to sell online courses? Of course, you can use WordPress! Doesn’t that sound interesting?

Low cost

You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for programming dedicated Content Management System. WordPress is free however you have to know how to install it and do WordPress Maintenance things. We know that nobody create a website with WordPress for free but is much cheaper than creating a custom CMS.

Excellent SEO

We heard many people said “It’s impossible to make a good SEO with WordPress”. But we know that it’s impossible NOT to make a good SEO results with this awesome engine. We created many sites and we don’t have problems with SEO. Also external SEO agencies work with WordPress sites with big SEO success without any problems.

Simple site

When you have a site based on WordPress engine you can easily create or update your posts or pages. Can you use a text editor such as Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer? So you can write posts and articles in WordPress! Many people were worried if they would be able to work with WordPress and they see how it’s easy to do it!

Low risk in future management

Imagine you have a custom CMS which is supported by an author. Only the author of this CMS can support and maintenance this. What will you do if she or he will disappear? You will start to searching a specialist who can manage your custom CMS. But you will start searching a needle in a haystack. If you use a WordPress engine you can easily find a specialist. Many agencies and freelancers are working with WordPress everyday and we guarantee you can find one in one day!

How we migrate your website to WordPress?

We can migrate your existing site to website in these simple steps:

  1. We create a new site design and functionality which contains your existing and future needs.
  2. We move data from old site to the new. Then we test the new website in our test environment and you can see how it works.
  3. After acceptance we deploy the new website to the web server.